Toronto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School | Covid-19 cleaning of our Toronto jiu jitsu academy
Leasides premier school for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from ages 4 and up. We are more than your average Martial Arts School. We bring children,adults and families together in a positive and healthy atmosphere
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Help slow the curve of covid-19

Help slow the curve of covid-19

It was a tough day but an easy decision to close the Academy March 15th to help with self distancing and isolation. After spending the past eight years, teaching seven days and taking no days off it definitely pulled on my heartstrings. Trying to keep things on the positive side this was a good time to disinfect the Academy from bottom to top. Greenwood jujitsu has always been strict on keeping our jujitsu school extremely clean and extremely safe for all their students. The first couple days was the hardest as I just felt like laying on the couch and doing nothing. This was a good time to shoot all my online videos for my app and think of other ways to keep everyone busy during this Quarantine.

Thank you to everyone for the concerned messages about our academy. We will get through this together. Our training is not just about learning how to fight, it helps with anxiety,depression and anger. I miss you all. If any one of you are having a rough go of this unusual time and need anything msg me through email or on my cell 647-282-0309. Cleaning the dojo from bottom to top and shooting some videos for the app was my focus last week.

If you are staying active,share your videos with me tag me on social media or send a video to my cell Parents ask your kids if they have any questions and I’ll shoot a video and put in the Q&A section on my app.

Hope to see everyone back on the mats soon,

Coach Chris Greenwood


Here is what’s the cleaning looked like ,

Covid-19 disinfectingEvery mat in the jiu jitsu academy was super Disinfected