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GREENWOOD Jiu-Jitsu Toronto Blog

Class schedule stays the same so don't get lazy. With tournaments around the corner this is no time to be taken time off. Stay focused and train hard or enjoy your holidays and rest up the body if you are not competing....

After months of hard work some over due promotions took place. Isaac Layne - 1st stripe white belt Neville Layne - 4th stripe blue belt Steve Shipinkas - 4th stripe blue belt Sam Katsuras - purple belt Keep up the hard work...

Welcome to our new website and our blog. It may take a couple of days for us to work any kinks out but rest assured, we are diligent and will get it all running smoothly. Stay tuned !!!...

Improve your mental health and fitness and make new friends at GREENWOOD JIU-JITSU
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