Toronto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School | Solo Jiu Jitsu Training during covid-19
Leasides premier school for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from ages 4 and up. We are more than your average Martial Arts School. We bring children,adults and families together in a positive and healthy atmosphere
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How to try Jiu Jitsu Solo at home

How to try Jiu Jitsu Solo at home

Before joining our online Zoom Jiu Jitsu classes take a look at these videos on how to build your training buddy.

Below is the link to build a basic training Jiu Jitsu buddy torso only.

Make your Jiu Jitsu buddy more friendly by adding your favourite stuff animal.

How to add legs to you a Jiu Jitsu Buddy.

Once you have completed building your Jiu Jitsu Buddy you will be ready to start your at home Martial Arts Training. The most important part right now since everyone is stuck in their house during the quarantine is staying active and healthy. Keeping your mind strong and positive is a hard thing to do with all the negativity that is available on social media and negative people. These are the times that make you strong and build a mindset of I will I can I must. We all have our days we just want to lay on the couch watch Tiger King on Netflix, eat a bag of chips, drink 2 L of soda and become lazy.

If you ever find your stuck and can’t get motivated to train Jiu Jitsu or a simple work out ,my cell is always available to you 647-282-0309



Chris Greenwood