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Student Testimonials

GWBJJ Student Testimonials

“Chris is an excellent instructor and an even better person .Even if I didn’t train in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, he is the kind of person I am glad to call my friend. Not only does he teach us the latest techniques from Brazil, you will find him training with his students every class. All the students here are eager to learn and ready to train. The team is very supportive of one another and it shows with no ego’s, just a good group of people, who are very respectful, hard working and ready to learn. Everyone is willing to share techniques and tips making me glad to be part of this team. Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is a very versatile and effective martial art that can be used by anyone, young or old, large or small. As a male of small stature Chris has taught me how to turn my size into a strength to overcome a larger opponent.”
Steve Lam, A GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“Chris’s commitment and knowledge of jiu jitsu is amazing. Aside from being very technical he knows how to show his technique and break it down for everyone to learn. I’ve seen his focus and dedication first hand in Brazil when he was preparing for a tournament training everyday and nothing distracted him. Wether its your first class or 1000th Chris has what it takes to push yourself to the next level.”
Neville Layne, A GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“I enrolled with my 11 yrs old son in Jiu Jitsu 6 and a half years ago as a family thing. Lucas (my son) has had over 50 fights, 90% gold medals, including at 16 yrs of age fighting and winning the adult division. I compete every year with fighters 1/2 my age, winning more then half the time. This level of skill, fitness and fun is why I train with Chris.”
Brain Rocks, A GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“Chris is a generous and patient instructor who always has time for his students. His hard work and dedication to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is inspiring. Chris has a very smooth and technical style, he is a tactician on the mat and an extremely competent instructor. He knows how to help someone achieve that next level in their training and he loves seeing his students succeed. Greenwood Jiu-jitsu Academy is like my second home and the students are like my extended family.”
Keith Young, A GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“His style of teaching with attention to detail while enjoying a warm friendly atmosphere is perfect. I look forward every day to getting on the mat at our outstanding facility and improving my game as well as helping others improve theirs. If he see’s a student struggle he is very patient and finds another way to communicate the position until it is understood. Chris has a ton of integrity which also shows in the quality of the students drawn to him. I think the instructors make or break a school.”
Issac Layne, GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“Chris is patient and sincerely interested in each and every student no matter their level of skill. He never pushes me to unrealistic goals but he has instilled me to never accept anything but my best effort. Everyone there wants to help you get better and there are no egos. Nobody is there to hurt their training partners. I highly recommend Greenwood Jiu Jitsu for good vibes and outstanding Jiu Jitsu.”
Steven Shipinkas, GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“As a former professional hockey player, I’ve been training all my life in various environments and with different instructors. Meeting Chris and training with him has taught me not only the importance of the mental game but how to access it through his techniques. He can give anyone who is dedicated in Jiu Jitsu the mental edge.”
Sam Katsuras, GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“I really enjoy Chris’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Chris is patient, knowledgeable and very experienced in the art of BJJ. He trains with all of his students to help them improve technique and is always ready to answer any questions about the lessons. He pushes each student to surpass their learning obstacles and challenges them to improve through training. In addition to being an inspirational instructor, Chris is also a great person and friend. His club and all of the members in it are welcoming and supportive. I started my BJJ training at Greenwood Jiu Jitsu and I was so pleased with everyone’s encouragement and willingness to help me learn and train. Everyone that I have met at the club is respectful of one-another, kind and ambitious. The environment is welcoming and dynamic which really motivates me to come in to class as often as possible. I could tell that I was improving in my BJJ technique each week! Greenwood Jiu Jitsu is one of the best clubs I’ve trained in and I look forward to continuing my training with Chris and his team.”
Cecilia, GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“If you have a daughter and are on this website, then you and I think alike. I was looking for a martial arts school where they could learn self-defense, self-respect, and fitness but was also a suitable environment my daughters. I didn’t want them getting hurt from punches or kicks because it could turn them off martial arts completely and I didn’t want them to believe that someone would rescue them if they were ever in trouble. I wanted them to practice an extremely close contact martial arts as the tool of absolute last resort. We finally settled with BJJ at Greenwood Jiu Jitsu since August 2013 and our level of satisfaction is best said from my daughters. Liv (6 years old) “I felt so proud of myself when I was able to take down a stronger boy.” Elle (4 years old) “Its fun.” As for myself, I’m really happy to see my daughters take to BJJ at Greenwood Jiu Jitsu as their confidence and abilities grow and I hope BJJ becomes part of their lifestyle. I am recommending Chris Greenwood’s BJJ for all of our daughters. Come find us in class and let our daughters roll around together for their enjoyment and their safety.”
Loong Liang, GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

“I write this recommendation for Chris with great pleasure, as I’ve watched closely, as Chris coaches my 4 (now 5) year old son, Ryan. Chris manages a class of kids with ease. His coaching style is effective, balanced, all the while they are having fun, listening, and learning the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Chris shows up prepared, every time, on time. He’s a leader, and is a person of good character, and always has a smile on his face. Some other things I appreciate: There is ample free parking. It’s beside a kids playground. It’s across the street from Loblaw’s. The gym is clean, bright, and full of natural light. To top it all off, he’s a high level BJJ Black belt. Chris was the first Ricardo Vieira Black Belt in Canada, and has competed internationally for over 10 years! I give Greenwood Jiu-Jitsu 5 out of 5 stars.”
Matt Malowney, GREENWOOD Jiu Jitsu Student

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