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Leaside's only Wrestling program
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Wrestling Classes Toronto

Wrestling Classes

The benefits of wrestling

Wrestling will make you stronger, more explosive, and faster than the people not learning it. Improve your takedowns, applying body weight on opponents, dominating scrambles, and many other aspects of grappling in general. Wrestling will allow you to choose the top or bottom position if your opponent lacks any kind of throwing training.

The training that is required for wrestling is very intense to say the least. In just a six-minute match, you can feel entirely wiped out. In the heat of a tough match, your lungs can burn, your legs and back can be worn out, and your forearms can be completely swollen with blood. Because of the intense nature of the sport, you have to be prepared for anything. You also have to be mentally tough and prepared to square up one on one with your opponent. If you step on the mat, and you don’t believe that you are going to win, you are in trouble. You have to be mentally strong to be ready to perform under pressure on a regular basis. You have to be mentally prepared to push your body beyond what it wants to do.

Once you Get to high-level of jiu-jitsu you will experience opponents being harder to sweep. Every sweep turns into a scramble and wrestling not only helps your takedowns but explosiveness and speed will make you a difficult opponent to deal with.

See a class in action below


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