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BJJ for Kids & Teens

BJJ for Kids & Teens 

Discipline, Fitness and Focus
Jiu Jitsu is Knowledge

No other sport will give your kids, Discipline, Fitness and Focus like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not all Martial Arts have functional skill’s that actually help in real life self defense situations. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and some good verbal skills to intelligently defuse a bully your kids will feel safe, confident, self-assured and more secure.

Strength through Adversities

It doesn’t matter if your child attends one class a week or several times a week they will learn how to look after themselves. For this young age, the class emphasis is on having fun while exercising and socializing with other children. Your children will learn basic skills through fun games and exercises that develop teamwork, coordination, and good behavior.

Join Us For A Free Week of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes. While listening to instruction, the concentrate and focus skills will increase and transfer to showing Respect to the instructor, how kids treat parents, teachers and other people. Goal setting and achieving goals is the most beneficial thing your child will learn. Each challenge your child faces throughout their Jiu Jitsu training such as complicated moves, belt grading or competition will boost your child’s Confidence.

Your kids will be Black Belt’s on the mats and in life.

The most essential quality in a Jiu Jitsu instructor is the passion they show for their Jiu Jitsu art along with possession of abounding energy and enthusiasm which you can’t get from a Jiu Jitsu web site.

Join Us For A Free Week of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes. Come meet our students, your instructor and simply take a look around. I personally invite you to come in and try Jiu Jitsu for FREE. Get Your Guest Pass Here

Are you unsure on how to choose the right club for your child?

Take a moment to read what some of our students have said, Click here, and review our instructors history. Click here


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