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Develop Work Ethic In Kids

Develop Work Ethic In Kids


What’s special about this Greenwood Jiu Jitsu Student ❓❓The kids know I don’t like complainers…if the drill is 20 push ups and I hear 👂🏻one wimpier or sigh 😔 it goes to 30. Or a kid will complain about the kid 👦🏼 beside them that cheated and only did 15. When asked “why does that bother you ❓” they reply “cause it’s not fair” They are right it isn’t fair at the present time but if you do what’s right and worry about yourself you will be rewarded later in life. It could be a stripe or new belt in Jiu Jitsu 🥋 class….. in life you will develop an awesome 😎 work ethic which is only attainable by putting in the work. One class I tested the kids by saying something crazy 😜 like do 1000 push ups ‼️‼️ In a class of 25 kids, 24 looked at me like What ❓❓❓ Except 1 kid without hesitation who dropped and started doing them 👏🏻👏🏻💯💯 #ProudCoach 

If we want our children to grow up as responsible and hardworking human beings who understand the relationship between working hard and getting what they want.

As the saying goes, “If you aren’t willing to work for it, don’t complain about not having it!”

Give them chores 

There is no better way to get this started than with house chores.

Patience however is needed when teaching kids new house chores.

As a smart parent, you should not expect a child to master a chore right away but after explaining what needs to be done, you should make it clear that you expect a good job. Mistakes are part of human nature and knowing that it is through mistakes that they actually learn and make progress. If they do something extra that you didn’t ask them to do explain to them how they went above and beyond what you excepted.

Remember how you felt when your boss told you how they felt about your performance? Do you remember how you felt? For me it felt good and made me want to do more than that next time.

Place dollar amounts opposite certain tasks so your kids start to understand how money is made. For me after piling wood up for an hour and earning $10 my spending habits changed. Before buying something that was $10 I thought to myself it takes 1 hour just for this toy. I found myself thinking do I really need this ??

Lead by example

I had a strong Mother and an excellent Martial Arts Teacher I looked up to and owe my work ethic to. To this date my Jiu Jitsu school has been open 7 years and I’ve been teaching 7 days a week teaching all the kids. Some kids make jokes asking if I live there or if I’m ever late to anything. As a Jiu Jitsu teacher I may not have all the fans a WWE wrestler has but when one of my students was asked a question at school, “Who could beat John Cena”  he had all the kids asking who is Chris Greenwood 🙂


At a young age means your child doing the right thing even when you’re not looking, like not eating another chocolate bar because he/she had eaten his/her allowed serving for the day.

Teaching a child self-discipline means imposing rules, and being consistent at it. 

Let them know what you expect them to do and why. Let them know that not following the rules will have negative consequences, the same thing as following rules would have positive consequences.

Work-life balance

Kids also need to have a balanced life – they cannot be studying all the time. Allow them to be kids – let them play, explore, draw, etc. These activities help a child’s mental and physical development. It helps promote imagination, decision-making, and more.


Find out what your child’s passion is and who are their role models. Find out how that person made it to the top, and tell your child about it. This way, he/she can better understand the concept and relate to the person he/she looks up to, and hopefully emulate that person.

Success doesn’t come in a silver platter, it is not hereditary; you have to make your child work hard for it and things will eventually become easier. Start now! Stop procrastinating.



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