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[caption id="attachment_16539" align="alignnone" width="250"] A Story from a retired Martial Arts Teacher[/caption]   People quit things. It’s inevitable. They quit diets, gyms, marriages, jobs, and martial arts. When a student quits taking my martial art classes, I take it personally. It’s like I’ve been fired. I fall...

[caption id="attachment_16228" align="alignnone" width="718"] Empowering Kids Since 2012[/caption] Signs and symptoms of bullying Physical 🔹 unexplained bruises scratches and cuts 🔹 trouble sleeping  🔹 frequent headaches, stomach aches, faking illness 🔹 skipping meals or binge eating 🔹 lost or destroyed clothing, books and jewellery Behavioural and Psychological 🔹 Lost interest in school and extracurricular...

Self-control is a key component in our children’s ability to effectively function in day-to-day life. Self-control is expressed by ; ✅Their ability to trust adults ✅Understand concept the of rules ✅Delay gratification ✅Control angry impulses ✅Practicing patience despite their frustrations ✅Empathize with the feelings of others ✅Exhibit an understanding of fairness by waiting...

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