Toronto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School | Martial Arts Classes To Help Your Child Stand Up To Bullies
Leasides premier school for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from ages 4 and up. We are more than your average Martial Arts School. We bring children,adults and families together in a positive and healthy atmosphere
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Martial Arts Classes To Help Your Child Stand Up To Bullies

Martial Arts Classes To Help Your Child Stand Up To Bullies

Empowering Kids Since 2012

Empowering Kids Since 2012

Signs and symptoms of bullying


? unexplained bruises scratches and cuts

? trouble sleeping 

? frequent headaches, stomach aches, faking illness

? skipping meals or binge eating

? lost or destroyed clothing, books and jewellery

Behavioural and Psychological

? Lost interest in school and extracurricular activities

? decreased self-esteem 

? sad,moody,depressed

? self-destructive behaviour 

? suicidal thoughts or ideas

Social Symptoms

? frequent complaints of illness to avoid school

? declining grades

? fear of going to school or riding the bus

? sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations

Help your kids define talk about and stand up to bullies.

No child deserves ✳️to be bullied

                                 ✳️ to feel fear of being bullied in school

To have “thick skin” and not let an insult upset you is an amazing gift. Bullies will try to knock your confidence barrier down,but you can build a wall that is extremely hard to break down.

When you have the ability to defend yourself,  then very often you don’t need to. People can see, sense and tell you’re not weak ❗️

If your interested in helping your child, sign up for a free trial on our  Website  or call  647-282-0309 to see how we can benefit your child