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White belt….I don’t want to waste your time

White belt….I don’t want to waste your time

This is a common thought most white belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have going through their minds. They assume that a higher belt is going to be bored when training with a lower rank Jiu Jitsu student. This is absolutely not the case and higher belts like to train with lower Jiu Jitsu belts for a few reasons;

  1. A higher Jiu Jitsu student likes to work on new techniques will rolling with a lower belt in Jiu Jitsu.
  2. New Jiu Jitsu students can also offer a level of spazy movements which sometimes is hard to deal with and the higher belt must learn how to stay calm through out the match to conserve energy. If you are bigger, stronger or faster you can bring a few problems for a smaller high belt in Jiu Jitsu which is the perfect time to clean up their Jiu Jitsu.
  3. Higher belts in Jiu Jitsu also like to let lower belts in Jiu Jitsu get good positions on them so they can practice escapes.
  4. When higher Jiu Jitsu belts takes the time to correct you it also helps their ability to communicate and understand the technique better themselves. We all forget some moves and your questions will help them remember as teaching a technique is the best way to drill it into memory.
  5. No one like to have no partner so trust me they would rather be training with you than sitting waiting for a partner.

So if these thoughts enter your mind, let me ensure you it’s not true. Soon enough if you keep training, someone will come in thinking the same thing after they spar with you. It is ok to be the new guy and this is going to happen at first. If you are worried about this simply say you are having trouble but don’t want to hold them back. Simply tell them that you would like them to get in an equal amount of practice time in as well. They will either take your offer or simply brush it off and tell you not to worry about it. Some people will actually enjoy helping you along your journey. Some things just take time to learn and you will probably feel this way for some time.

If you are looking to try a class for the first time Greenwood Jiu Jitsu Toronto has the best classes and environment for beginners. Call / text 647-282-0309 or email to book your free Jiu Jitsu trial.