Toronto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School | Competition Results
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Competition Results

Congrats to Steve for heading down to Boston and bringing home a silver medal                 While visiting Disney land in Orland Eric and Jonas enter Naga and won 4 silvers competing in gi and no gi. They also met one of the best Jiu Jitsu competitors Marcelo Garcia             Joans Gold Sean...

Our biggest turn out for Competition with 11 kids and 3 adults Gold Eric 2, Jonas, Elle Silver Faiza, Sean, Manny, Marianna, Vlad Bronze Ryan, Yasmin, Liv, Christiann Honorable mentions to Cash and Ibrahim who fought really well that day. The event was extremely behind on time but everyone stuck around to...

6 competitors representing Greenwood Jiu Jitsu Checkmat Canada taking home 9 medals. Provincial results:Jonas Gi bronze, No Gi Silver. Eric Gi Bronze, No Gi Gold. Marianna Gi Bronze. Steve Purple belt Gi Gold. Nev purple belt Gi Bronze and Silver Open Weight. Christiann Blue Belt...

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