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Help your martial arts teacher help your kids. Here are a few tips to keep your child motivated and excited.
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Your Jiu Jitsu instructor can’t do it on their own

Your Jiu Jitsu instructor can’t do it on their own

Your instructor can’t do it on their own…how you can help 

Parents Concerns ;

My child isn’t performing in the dojo to their fullest potential.

Skill shouldn’t be the major concern in the beginner student. At the white Belt stage the focus is not on the skill level. For a new student not use to any physical actives be happy they are off the couch,iPad or playing video games. New students usually lack strength, motor control, flexibility, balance and stamina. Building all of those things takes time, sometimes, years. Students at a higher level will be held to a higher standard. This is the time to focus on their techniques but in the beginning there must be fun in the Jiu Jitsu class for kids.

Correcting from the sidelines or on the way home, the child will learn to hate class and want to quit, never earning that Black Belt and never really attaining the skills that go along with it, those vitally important self-defense skills.

Image all this going through your child’s brain ?;

?Which technique should I do ❓

?What technique is my opponent going to do❓

?What did my couch just say❓

?What did my parent just say❓

?Was that other parent talking to me❓

?What are the sparring rules again❓

?What is the score❓

?How much time do I have left in the match❓

If, however, you are amazed at the smallest thing your child does,  express your overwhelming pride and joy at their endeavors. They will want to attend class and will look forward to it. They will love their training and easily get that Black Belt and along the way, gain the skills that go with it. I’m not saying give false praise , but focus on what’s good. 

Your job as parents is to be their biggest fan, their cheerleader, mentor and motivator. The Coach will teach them martial arts, influence them, and coach in the way you have decided they need. Together, we are a team, and we must never lose sight of the fact that we are both playing towards the same end goal, and that this is the long game.

Here is an excellent clip on this subject ;

Don't Make Excuses For Your Child

Posted by SBG Montana on Thursday, May 23, 2019