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GREENWOOD Jiu-Jitsu Toronto Blog

White belt first stripe Abie,Charlie,Ethan,Quinn,Vienna White belt second stripe Harrison,Conor,Ibrahim White belt fourth stripe Maddy,Yasmin,Faiza Grey Belt White stripe Eric,Jonas,Marianna,Mina Blue Belt First Stripe Christiann   Toronto Open White belt Bronze Joseph Aminian Blue Belt Gold Christiann McClean Good Fight Rochester Blue belt No Gi Christiann McClean Silver   Grappling Industries Toronto White belt kids Eric double gi and no gi and Jonas double bronze...

          Congrats to everyone that fought this weekend. Christiann Gi Silver No Gi Bronze Roy Gi Silver No Gi Gold Cecelia Gi Silver Thanks to everyone that coached in my place while my knee is still healing. Get ready for big changes in Sept to step up are already high...

Congratulations to Christiann for going all the way to Ottawa to compete at the Ottawa Open Gi only event and getting a bronze. A few small promotions over the week White belt 1st stripe Conor Dmytro White belt 3rd stripe Faiza Yasmin White Belt 4th stripe Mina Jonas Eric Marianna Grey-white belt 1st stripe Ryan Awesome work from everyone...

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